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  1. NANOWorks Opera: 2014-2015 Call for Scores Announced

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    The NANOWorks Opera team is excited to announce our first call for scores.  We are seeking short operas (25 minutes or less) by North American composers to program during our 2014-2015 season.


    Please submit the following:

    - A cover sheet listing the character(s) and corresponding voice type(s), an 100-word synopsis, the length of your opera, and its performance history

    - A Piano/Vocal Score

    - A MIDI file of the piece in MP3 format (even if a live recording is available)

    We do not discriminate for/against world premieres and no preference shall be made for dramatic/comedic works.  Operas with contemporary subject matter that can be presented in both traditional and non-traditional venues are optimal.

    Large instrumental forces are discouraged and piano is preferred.  We do program operas with larger instrumentations from time to time, but an instrumental sextet is our limit.  Our forces allow for up to a vocal sextet, not including a small chorus.

    Chosen composers will have their opera staged in our upcoming season throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.  We are unable to provide travel stipends to winning composers and attendance is not required.  Submitted operas may be considered for future seasons as well.

    Please submit the aforementioned information electronically to:

    Entry Fee:  None.

    Deadline: JUNE 1, 2014

    About NANOWorks:

    NANOWorks develops and stages short contemporary operas by emerging North American composers and dedicates itself to raising the spotlight on young singers, composers, librettists, directors, choreographers and other company artists to give them a stepping stone to national attention.  NANOWorks will build a generational and cultural bridge between Cincinnati’s traditional opera lovers and those younger art audiences seeking a fresh, contemporary perspective. NANOWorks will also reach out to new audiences through educational programs in schools, satellite theaters and other unconventional venues.

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  2. NANOWorks Opera Presents March Production

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    nanoworks header 2

    This Friday and Saturday, March 28th and 29th at 8 PM, North American New Opera Workshop will be presenting its March production at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.  The program features four short operas by American composers, including two world premieres and one regional premiere.

    Puddle of Youth by composer Natalie Williams and librettist Vynnie Meli [Regional Premiere]

    Difficulty on Re-entry by composer Rachel C. Walker and librettist Kendall A. [World Premiere]

    Bedtime Story by Wes Flinn, adapted from a short story by Jeffrey Whitmore [World Premiere]

    George Washington Suite by Daron Hagen

    Tickets will be sold at the door and are $20 for general admission and $12 for students.

    Additionally, Jenn and Rachel will be talking about the works featured on this show with Brian O’Donnell of 90.9 WGUC on Tuesday, March 25th right before 10 AM.  Tune in to learn more and see you at the show!

    Posted By: Jennifer Jolley
  3. NANOWorks is back this Sunday! The Bubble! Classical Rev! Constella Fest!

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    This Sunday, October 13 at 7:30, North American New Opera Workshop will be kicking off its 2013/2014 season with an encore presentation of THE BUBBLE at Northside Tavern in conjunction with ClassicalRevolution Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Constella Festival. This will be our one year anniversary show! Woo-hoo!

    Tenor Allan Palacios Chan will play The Dean and the Mortgage Broker, tenor Will M. Reed plays The Banker, baritone Christopher Brandon Morales portrays The Landlord/Realtor, and baritone Andrew Whelan reprises his role as The Financier, with Liz Remizowski on the ragtime piano and a surprise guest as The Ditz. Our music director Aik Khai Phan conducts and yours truly was responsible for the stage directions.

    Oh, and I was also responsible for the libretto, which will be pdf linked below so you can see the lyrics beforehand, or even during if your phone’s particularly smart:


    One more thing, we’re not the only opera being performed, as apparently there will also be a Klingon opera later in the evening. Phasers set to stunning…







    The show begins at 7:30 with NANOWorks scheduled second on the bill, so don’t be late.


    Posted By: Kendall A
  4. North American New Opera Workshop is excited to announce Aik Khai Pung as its new Music Director

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    As NANOWorks continues to get in gear for a second season of new opera, we’d like to celebrate the addition of Aik Khai Pung as the company’s music director. Maestro Pung will be taking over the reins from Tyler Catlin, who is off to the San Francisco Conservatory of Music to continue his education.  Pung was the guest director of Café MoMus, a contemporary music ensemble at CCM; Music Director of UC Symphony Orchestra and Earlham College Symphony Orchestra; and has served as the assistant conductor of Lincoln Center Festival, Spoleto Festival USA, Luminato Festival in Canada, CCM Spoleto, Cincinnati Symphony Youth Orchestra and CCM Orchestras. As the Special Award winner for Conducting Chinese Music at the Hong Kong International Conducting Competition, Pung has served as the Artistic Director of Chinesische Musikgruppe Ji Yue Tian during his one year stay in Munich. He was also the conducting fellow at Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra during his studies at CCM.

    A Master of Music in Orchestral Conducting, Pung has worked with Annunziata Tomaro, Mark Gibson and Ulrich Nicolai upon finishing his doctorate degree at CCM. He has also worked with Gustav Meier and JoAnn Falletta in a conducting workshop with Richmond Symphony. Pung was the first ever international conducting student to be accepted to the prestige Central Conservatory of Music, the top conservatory in China, where he was awarded outstanding student in year 2005.

    Pung will be leading NANOWorks into a critical second year, where we hope to expand on what we started in the first year. Welcome Maestro Pung!

    Posted By: Kendall A

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    nano rehearsal

    NANOWorks Auditions 2013!

    Hi all,

    Surprised we’re still around? Well, we are, and we’ve got a lot in store for the coming year. First, however, we need to find the talent that will help us bring these great plans to fruition. On Saturday September 28, we will hold auditions for our December – March productions at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center. Because we want our pianist to be ready for whatever you’ve got and because space is limited, if you are interested, please send the following to to apply for an audition slot:

    • A PDF of your current resume
    • A low resolution image of your current headshot
    • A list of your repertoire by living composers
    • Two arias for your audition, one must be in English, one must be by a living composer, but both those criteria may be met in the same piece. Please include PDF copies of the pieces in your submission package.

    The deadline for applying for an audition slot and submitting your material is September 11, 2013. Requests after this date will not be accepted, albeit we encourage you to keep an eye out for our later season auditions to be held sometime early in 2014.



    Posted By: Kendall A
  6. The Bubble and other displays of moral turpitude!



    Alright, alright, so maybe we haven’t updated the site in a while and you’re just coming here and going. Whoah, something’s different. Well it is. Maybe you’ve heard of this little thing we’ve got going on called our Cincy Fringe production of

    The Bubble and other displays of moral turpitude.

    Yeah, Fringe festival, monkeys. We’re just that hot right now.

    Come see the world premiere of Jennifer Jolley’s THE BUBBLE (the full version of the opera we workshopped this Spring) as well as three other short operas from earlier in our season: KRISPY KREMES AND BUTTER QUEENS. LAYOVER, and LAYOVER. Layover? Layover and Layover. Paula Deen? Check, you know you want to see her again. Hilarity in our shared economic misery of the last deacade? Abso-freaking-lutely my friends…

    Location: Art Academy Commons on Jackson St., in the revamped OTR. That’s right, NANOWorks will be right next to the city’s hottest entertainment district this time around. Get dinner, see a show, come out afterwards for some massive hangouts with all your coolest* opera friends.


    Wednesday, May 29 @ 8:45pm
    Friday, May 31 @ 7:00pm
    Sunday, June 2 @ 7:30pm
    Tuesday, June 4 @ 8:15pm
    Thursday, June 6 @ 7:00pm

    Tickets are just $12
    Buy them here.

    *- Coolness not guaranteed, hangouts may also include composers.

    Posted By: Kendall A
  7. Next Production: A Game of Hearts, May 3 and May 4

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    Game of Hearts

    North American New Opera Workshop is pleased to produce Douglas Pew’s “A Game of Hearts,” an opera in one act, with libretto by Dara Weinberg on May 3 and May 4 in Terrace Park and Clifton.

    Esther Kang as Harriet Oshiro
    Fotina Naumenko as Jean Biernbaum
    Samantha Stinson as Sylvia Biernbaum Alperstein Holtz
    Dashiell Waterbury as Dr. Steve Vergara
    Michael Young as Jerry Rosenberg

    The program of short (all operas 25 minutes or less) mostly contemporary new opera also includes Samuel Barber’s “A Hand of Bridge” and Charles Halka’s “Layover” as well as a couple more treats and surprises. Astonish your friends, amaze your family, shock your hoity toity neighbors… Really, this is opera.

    Tickets are now on sale! Early bird pricing for general admission gets you 25% off if you buy at least a week in advance.

    Friday, May 3 –  St. Thomas Episcopal in Terrace Park, 7:30 pm

    Saturday, May 4 – Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Clifton, 7:30 pm

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  9. Tickets for "The Bubble" workshop scene now on sale

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    Performance and Time Arts is now selling advanced, discounted tickets for their March 8th and 9th show, which among other great acts will include the first sneak peek of NANOWorks’ latest production, a scene from Jennifer Jolley and Kendall A’s “The Bubble”.

    Starring tenors Dashiell Waterbury as The Dean, M. Andrew Jones as The Banker, and dancer Karen Wissell as The Ditz, the Bubble portrays a bright-eyed college coed who stumbles into the perils of the early 2000′s real estate boom. The scene for the PTA performance will set the stage for the story, as The Ditz arrives at Olive University with little more than an acceptance letter. How will she pay for her education? Where will she live? Will The Dean and The Banker be able to help her out of such a precarious predicament? Of course! Everything’s peachy while in “The Bubble.”

    Buy tickets here.

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